KLINGANDE - Jubel (Official Video)

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Klingande is a French electronic music duo with house music and jazz influences (the piano and the saxophone are the deep heart of their music). Cédric Steinmyller and Edgar Catry come from Northern France and were born in 1991. They are pretty new on the international scene as they got their project started in December 2012. But their raise was pretty fast. They hit the TOP 100 Singles Chart in France with their first track "Punga" (they self-released it). Their second track, "Jubel" is peaking charts all over Europe. It's #1 in Germany and in the very top positions in France, Belgium and Switzerland. "Jubel" is a very stylish track, it's pure house music lulled with the soft notes of a magic saxophone. The sax becomes like an obsession, a wonderful and amazing one...
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