Teen Witch (7/12) Movie CLIP - The Anti-Friendship Spell (1989) HD

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Louise (Robyn Lively) says a spell that makes Randa (Lisa Fuller) and her friends fight like never before.

TM & MGM (2012)
Cast: Tina Caspary, Lisa Fuller, Megan Gallivan, Amanda Ingber, Robyn Lively
Director: Dorian Walker
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Producer: Rafael Eisenman, Moshe Diamant, Alana H. Lambros, Eduard Sarlui, Bob Manning
Screenwriter: Robin Menken, Vernon Zimmerman
Film Description: An otherwise boring and unpopular Louise is enamored with Brad, the star of the high-school football team, but her feelings are not reciprocated. One week before her birthday, she visits a psychic and is told she has latent, genetically predisposed witch abilities that will blossom on her sixteenth birthday. Soon she finds the information to be true and uses her powers to gain the typical teen goals: popularity, revenge on cruel teachers and other meanies, and high-school football star Brad...

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