I Saw the Devil (7/10) Movie CLIP - Real Pain (2010) HD

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When Kyung-Chul (Min-sik Choi) realizes that Kim Soo-hyeon (Byung-hun Lee) is linked to one of his earlier victims, he taunts the secret agent and threatens to show him the true power of pain.

TM & Magnolia Pictures (2012)
Cast: Byung-hun Lee, Min-sik Choi
Director: Ji-woon Kim
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Producer: Kee-young Cheong, Hyung-cho Il, Hun-you Jeong, Seong-weon Jo, Yeong-shin Kang, Byung-ki Kim, Hyun-woo Kim, Jae-young Kim, Jung-hwa Kim, Kil-soo Kim, Greg Moon, Jae-sik Moon, Bryan Song, Youngjoo Suh
Screenwriter: Hoon-jung. Park
Film Description: Censored upon its original release in Korea due to scenes of extreme violence, director Kim Jee-Woon's uncompromising meditation on the morality of revenge tells the story of a special agent who sets out to give the serial killer who murdered his wife a taste of his own medicine. Lee Byung-hun (The Good, the Bad, and the Weird) and Choi Min-Sik (Oldboy) star.

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