Four Lions (7/11) Movie CLIP - Drone Strike (2010) HD

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Omar (Riz Ahmed) and Waj (Kayvan Novak) take it upon themselves to destroy an enemy drone.

TM & Magnolia Pictures (2012)
Cast: Kayvan Novak, Riz Ahmed
Director: Christopher Morris
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Producer: Angus Aynsley, Carole Baraton, Peter Carlton, Will Clarke, Rita Dagher, Mark Findlay, Mark Herbert, Afi Khan, Caroline Leddy, Alex Marshall, Faisal A. Qureshi, Rebekah Wray Rogers, Tessa Ross, Derrin Schlesinger
Screenwriter: Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, Simon Blackwell, Christopher Morris
Film Description: A handful of young men set out to take on the decadent West but are more of a threat to themselves than anyone else in this black comedy from director Chris Morris. Omar (Riz Ahmed) is a devout Muslim living in the United Kingdom who has decided to form a terrorist cell to bring forth a jihad against a culture he believes is dominated by the sinful and ignorant. However, Omar isn't much of leader, and he's assembled an unimpressive team of fellow terrorists, among them Waj (Kayvan Novak), who lacks the brainpower to come up with ideas or direction on his own; Faisal (Adeel Akhtar), who is shy and doesn't have much to say; and Barry (Nigel Lindsay), a recent convert to Islam who tries to make up for his lack of practical knowledge with fierce passion. As Omar and his comrades debate both doctrine and methods, they ponder such notions as using birds as explosive devices, creating video communiqu

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