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Season 2 premiers May 3rd 2014 ONLY on Red Bull TV!
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B-Boying, also called breakdancing, is an urban street dance that began in New York in the late 1970s. 'Break'n Reality' details the lives of some of the world's best B-Boys as they chase fame and success, but also try to stay true to their roots.
This season, 'Break'n Reality' profiles four unique and influential dancers as they pull back the curtain to reveal the culture of breaking, and the business behind it.
Kid David, the California boy and man of many talents, is in Hollywood finding commercial success. But with all his success, he's a man on a mission to win his first world title and solidify his place in B-Boy history. Dedicated, outspoken and wearing his heart on his sleeve at every turn, Kid David goes through the turbulent highs and lows of this unforgiving alternative lifestyle.
Jeskilz, a French-Algerian B-Girl, tries to bring back the essence of B-Boying to the scene in LA by creating a new event where it's not about competition; it's only about dance. While bouncing back from major surgery and trying to get into dance shape once again, Jeskilz pushes her boundaries, but how far is she willing to go to maintain her reputation?
Roxrite, the Mexican-American B-Boy legend and reigning world champion, physically and mentally prepares to defend his title at the BC One championship in Rio. Adding to the pressure, he's planning to take his relationship with longtime girlfriend Marisol to the next level. Struggling to balance both his professional and personal life, Roxrite lays it all on the line to try and make B-Boy history, while also preparing for the most important moment of his life, his wedding day.
Ronnie, winner of America's Best Dance Crew and current member of the hit Vegas show Jabbawockeez, revels in his success. At the world finals in Rio, rather than competing again, he performs a showcase with his crew, but he soon realizes that he needs to go back into the cypher himself.
All of this and more will collide at the world finals in Seoul, Korea, as the event celebrates its 10-year anniversary with the biggest, and most fierce battle ever fought. Four of the worlds best chase their dreams and fight for what they love.
Break'n Reality'. Making a livin and keep´n it real.
*Narrated by hip hop legend Rakaa (Dilated Peoples).

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