The Shoe - "His Gorgeousness" - Noisey Acoustics - Ep 5 Part 2/2

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Last week we released the fifth episode of Noisey Acoustics, starring actor Jena Malone and Lem Jay, who make music under the moniker The Shoe. We were lucky enough to get the chance to shoot at The Standard High Line and Jena being Jena, she wanted to record the first song "Dead Rabbit Hopes" in the bathroom, specifically the bathtub. But for this second episode Jena hopped out of the tub and crushed it with The Shoe's first ever live recorded rendition of "His Gorgeousness."

Watch The Shoe - "Dead Rabbit Hopes":

Pre-order the Shoe's debut album, "I'm Okay" here:

More Noisey Acoustics here:

Special thanks to our friends at the Standard Highline in NYC.

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