Crisis Inside Ukraine Govt Will Lead To Positive Changes Journalist

Recent wave of public fights and war of words inside the Ukrainian government is a sign of growing deep division among the countrys post-revolutionary political elite, Vitaliy Sych, editor in chief of Novoye Vremya, a Ukrainian news-magazine tells Hromadske.

At the same time, he is convinced that the ongoing political crisis is going to lead to constructive changes: I also think that this ugly incident will facilitate changes and will help Ukraine move forward... I think that this particular incident will lead to some kind of changes in the government. Some kind of changes to bring in people who will move reforms faster. I also think that this will make anybody who is trying to steal state funds much more weary than before, much more cautious and will actually be a blow to corruption.

Ukrainian media, civil society do a terrific job at pushing political elites for reforms and accountability, Sych says. Nevertheless, the absence of effective prosecution blocks a crucial for the country fight against corruption. The problem of Ukraine is that there is no legal body, no legal entity that would be above the political caps that would sue people for allegations of corruption. Just to check if its true or not true. At this point there is no single entity, he adds.

Sych warns that Ukraine is way behind on the reformist schedule and needs to jump-start the process once again: I mean the revolution took place, then some reforms took place under the pressure of the international community, of local activists, media like us, like civil activists. But then things started going slowly. I think were way behind schedule. I think were way behind where we should be. Theres still a lot of corruption. Reforms are slow. A replacement of the General Prosecutor and the Prime-Minister can help in streamlining the process, he thinks.

Hromadskes Maxim Eristavi spoke to Vitaliy Sych, editor in chief of Novoye Vremya in Kyiv on December 19th, 2015.

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Crisis Inside Ukraine Govt Will Lead To Positive Changes Journalist c