The Cossacks

Серый Лев
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dir. Volodymyr Dakhno, Soviet Union, 1967 –1995, 80 min

Presented by Dennis Ivanov, Director General of Children Kinofest, the film festival for young audience

Animation series

How the cossacks cooked kulisch

How the cossacks played football

How the cossacks saved their brides

How the cossacks became Olympians

How the cossacks met aliens

Cartoon series tells the story of exciting adventures of three Ukrainian Cossacks, who travel around the world and meet people from different countries and periods, gods and even aliens.

A series of short animated films produced in Soviet Ukraine in Kievnauchfilm studio. The series have been frequently broadcasted on almost all Ukrainian TV channels. Its characters became iconic for several generations of Ukrainian viewers, such as The Smurfs became for Belgians.
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