Alan Watts - Thusness [ Meditation, spirituality. Alan Watts ]

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Alan Watts - Thusness [ Meditation, spirituality. Alan Watts ]

Алан Уоттс - Таковость [Медитация, духовность. Алан Уотс]

The author's surname: Watts
The author's name: Alan
Performer: Alan Watts
Language: British English
ASIN: B00R55BG42
Publishing house: BetterListen

Genre: Meditation, Spirituality

Playing time: 03:09:25


Alan Watts discusses the word tathata, which is translated from the Sanskrit as "suchness" or "thusness." The term is used in Mahayana Buddhism to suggest how things look to a Buddha, to one who has experienced enlightenment or liberation and is, therefore, called a Tathagata - one who comes (and goes) thus. Watts shares the sense of this nonsense in Buddhist philosophy, and its practical demonstration in Zen.
Алан Уотс рассматривает термин "татхата", который означает на санскрите "таковость".

Он показывает, как мир воспринимается Буддой (Татхагатой - тем, кто приходит и уходит ТАК).
Уотс уделяет особое внимание "отсencтвию смысла"в Дзен (Чань) Буддизме.
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Alan Wake - The Writer

Alan Wake - The Writer

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