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Striving to Join the EU: Bosnian business braces for hoped-for EU integration

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After 23 years in business, Bingo has become the largest supermarket chain in Bosnia. It's owner Senad Dzambic could never have believed the one store he opened in his hometown would grow to such proportions. But now he is preparing for the next challenge: preparing to compete with the large foreign companies he believes will arrive as Bosnia moves towards hoped-for European Union membership.

Senad Dzambic, Bingo supermarket chain owner:
"We as retailers are already preparing for that game, in order to be well-positioned, logistically supported and backed with appropriate EU certificates and standards."

Bosnian leaders presented a formal application to join the 28-nation EU last month. But they were told by EU officials that Bosnia must make progress with reforms before it could be considered. Still Investors and businessmen welcomed the application.

Ian Brown, Head of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Mission in Bosnia:
"Process of joining the EU is extremely important and beneficial for investment in Bosnia. Outside investors look at the EU as the anchor the country is tied to so even the process (of joining the EU), and application is the long process and it takes many years, but it's a really, really good signal to investors."

The Dayton agreement that ended the Bosnian war left the country with an unwieldy political system that encourages political gridlock. The country is divided into a Serb Republic and a Bosniak-Croat Federation with a weak central government. The EU has not set a date to reply to Bosnia's application, saying the country has to first make "meaningful" progress on reforms.

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