#DutchReferendum on Ukraine: Kyiv residents comment on 'No' vote

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Voters in a referendum in the Netherlands on Wednesday rejected an EU partnership deal to remove trade barriers with Ukraine. Here is what residents of the Ukrainian capital thought about the result.

Illya Zhyzhyyan, Kyiv resident: "People there in Europe understand that the level of corruption in Ukraine and the authorities we have here are not able to make the life of their own citizens better. That is probably why Dutch people think why do they need a country which cannot ensure the well-being of its own citizens."

Olesya Kholod, Kyiv resident: "It is definitely very sad to hear, it is unpleasant that our colleagues believe that we are, so to say, unworthy. Maybe they do not like changes in our country which now being carried out. Maybe they do not like political situation here, I don't know."

Taras Voychenko, Kyiv resident: "The result means that they do not really want us in Europe. Nothing else. Who needs a country which is drowning in dirt?"

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