Warsaw NATO Summit Starts: Ukraine is high on the agenda

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To strengthen the European borders and deploy 4,000 soldiers in Poland and Baltic region - these are the key point of the NATO summit in Warsaw. 27th Alliance gathering started in Polish capital on Friday, June 8th. Numerous world leaders continue arriving in the city the whole morning, heading from the airport straight to the national stadium.

The list of the issues to discuss is quite long. Starting with Russia's proxy war in Donbas and annexation of Crimea, the tensions in the Baltic and the Black Sea, ISIL attacks and refugee crisis as well as nuclear and ballistic threats from North Korea. The first day though is to be fully dedicated to Russia's aggressive foreign policy than endangers not only Ukraine, but the whole Baltic region and northern Poland.

In view of geographical and political situation NATO may not have enough time to fully defend its European member states in case Russia decides to expand its aggression to the west. This is why, said Alliance's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, it is crucial to deploy 4,000 soldiers from the U.S.A., Canada, and Great Britain. The militants are set to show any potential aggressor the war against Poland or Baltics may result in an international armed conflict.

Ukraine is also participating in the summit. Headed by President Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian delegation is the only one to hold full-fledged talks with NATO despite not being the member state. The key issue on agenda is combatting Russian aggression in the eastern part of the country, as well as reforming Ukraine's defence and military sector. The day before the start of the summit U.S. State Secretary John Kerry already held talks with Poroshenko. During his short-term visit to Kyiv the head of the U.S. diplomacy stressed Russia sanctions will not be lifted unless Moscow withdraws its troops from Donbas region and returns Crimean peninsula under Ukrainian jurisdiction.

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