Dillon - This Silence Kills (Life and Death Remix)

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Dillon - This Silence Kills (Life and Death Remix)
From BPC259 Dillon - Your Flesh Against Mine
Release Date: 18.01.2013
Label: Bpitch Control
BPC Webshop: https://www.bpitchcontrol.de/market/browse/7187

The first remix EP from Dillon’s acclaimed debut album "This Silence Kills" already proved to us just how unbelievably well Dillon's beautiful songs lend themselves to more dance-orientated interpretations. The remixes showcased on Dillon's "Your Flesh Against Mine" EP once again achieve what appears to be the virtually impossible: six different producers combine Dillon’s singer-songwriter compositions, all trembling with internal tension, and turn them into a whole that is as multi-facetted as it is homogenous, and which has some truly danceable tracks.
The EP ranges from cautious re-works, that offer merely a complimentary enhancement of the original, like Deniz Kurtel's enjoyable version of "Thirteen Thirtyfive", to Hot Creations owner Lee Foss, who together with House legend MK, take the same song and completely convincingly turn it into a no-nonsense Tech House hit. In amongst them, artists as unconventional as the New Yorker duo Creep – who with their wave-inspired dub tracks defy categorisation just as much as Dillon herself – shake hands with the Italian party community Life And Death, with protagonists Holmar Filippson and Greg Oreck aka Thug Fucker. Creep give the title track almost orchestral qualities, while Life And Death smooth the edges of "This Silence Kills" with a soothingly even and powerfully pumping electro beat. BPitch label mates, Skinnerbox, on the other hand, strengthen its edgy, manic energy with bizarre soundscapes and a framework of angular beats, in their usual unusual way. The flawless house number from British remixer and producer XXXY aka Rupert Taylor, active on labels such as Infrasonics and Well Done, provides a highly worthy and all-demon-conquering conclusion. As such, "Your Flesh Against Mine" succeeds in masterfully reflecting a variety of different types of current electronic music that is as diverse as it is full of contrasts – both on and off the dance floor.
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