Thomas Muller - M-1001001

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Thomas Muller - M-1001001
From BPC258 Thomas Muller - Vitamine X
Release Date: 17.10.2012
Label: Bpitch Control
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Thomas Muller has been biding his time. It's over a year ago that he presented his last EP – with its almost claustrophobic intensity it was soon acknowledged as a masterpiece of electronic sound design. Now, after several more highly regarded compilation contributions and remixes, his new EP is finally in the BPC starting blocks, featuring four completely independently produced tracks.
Paris-born Muller, who has made Berlin his home, made efficient use of his short break: only the third track "BPCTRL", with its unique beat mechanics, pursues the inner tension and almost manic character of his previous productions. Otherwise "Vitamine X" reveals a surprising new side to Thomas Muller – never before have we experienced him in such a calm and composed mode, with such a relaxed energy and pure house sound. Here the dominant elements are prominent drums and dense percussion, both of which contain hints of a Latin touch(!). The final track also constitutes the high point: "City Of Lost Souls" lures you onto the dance floor with its deep beats and shimmering melodic fragments – the ultimate fuel for after hours shenanigans.
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