#ImNotAfraidToSayIt: Ukrainian culture often holds rape victims responsible

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A few days ago Ukrainian journalist Anastasiya Melnychenko started a social campaign of Facebook, called I am not afraid to say it. The campaign encourages women that suffered from rape and sexual harassment, to share their stories, bringing the sexual violence issue to the light. Effect has been drastic as many victims, including men, started telling about the horrors they had endured in the past.

Anna Dovgopol, a сооrdinator of the gender democracy program at the Heinrich Boell Foundation in Ukraine, sits down with UT to talk about the campaign.

"The immediate effect of this campaign, which I can see, is that this is a group therapy. Many women who used to think that it is their own fault, it is the issue that only they struggled with, can now see that this is a systematic issue. It's not individual, and many women go through it because of the system. Because of how the culture works. And it's not their fault, it's the fault of the perpetrator who is usually a man."

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