Silience feat. Loyal - Love That We Need

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It’s been said that the expanse of any given moment is as vast as the universe itself. It is only our profound tunnel vision that stops us from realizing this important truth in the course of our daily lives. Time dilation is a crazy concept to comprehend, but have you ever felt, as The Bearded Man often has, that sitting where you are, looking at what you’re looking at, contains all of the most essential elements of life as we know it? That there’s more beauty in a single tree than any piece of art that’s ever been created, but we don’t really care much about stuff like that in general, do we? When The Bearded Man stops, pauses, breathes, and looks around himself, he finds that’s there’s always more than enough of the love we need. And he will admit, that the ONE piece of art that’s better than a tree is probably this track from Silience, so, there’s that, which is nice.

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