Fideles - Illumino [Stil vor Talent]

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Artist: Kellerkind | Fideles
Release Title: Kellerkind | Fideles
Label: Stil vor Talent
Catalogue No: SVT183
Release: 2016-12-16

Fideles and Kellerkind cross paths into a split EP consisting of six original tracks showcasing their individual yet complemental production styles.

Haptic’s murmuring vocals are at the center of Vitamins, a playful exploration of fluid atmospherics. A clanging bassline provides the backdrop for whirlwinding synths, as the vocals build up an enveloping, dance-inducing tension. Wave Echoes kicks in lively from the get go: a relentless, steady percussion tied into a wandering baseline are the constant mainstays. The melody slowly develops as a fuzzy wandering pad adds another dimension, equally spacious as it is heavy.

Carving light with synth sweeps and spacious reverb, Illumino takes shape as a deep tech introspection. Accented with whirring bits and maintaining an elated undertone, it effectively embodies the ever-ascending, never-releasing groove that’s perfect for peak time hours.

Kellerkind steps up to the plate with Subzero, a slice of cavernous dub tech. Breathy vocals and sparse ethereal elements set a dreamy mood. Underlined by smooth piano chords, the vocal develops into a full fledged hymn that is both emotive and mesmerising. For his second take, the Swiss producer embarks on a techno tinged journey. Opting for distorted synths and a stomping bassline, he aptly crafts a near dungeon-like atmosphere only sweetened by a lush female vocal. Teaming up with Sven, they offer up Shakti Pan, a meeting point between tribal infused percussion and deep-set riffs. Hollowed out drums and bells chimes touch on chorus vocals and manage to create a highly immersive experience, rounding off the release on an uplifting note.

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