Art Direction 'Off to the Vet' - Simon's Cat

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Art Direction Off to the Vet Behind The Scenes Simons Cat

An exclusive sneak peek into how colour was used to make the first 12 minute animated Simons Cat film 'Off to the Vet'. Shot during the production process, featuring Simon Tofield, his cat and the Art Director. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes!

'Off to the Vet' is now available as part of Simons Cat Volume 1. Details of where to buy below!

Simons Cat Volume 1 featuring Off to the Vet also includes 20 of your favourite black and white animations, all in one fantastic package to download and enjoy wherever you are!


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After an unfortunate encounter in the garden, Simons Cat will go to great lengths to avoid an imminent visit to the vet. And, as always the question remains, will his long-suffering owner Simon step up to the challenge?

Watch your favourite character come to life, like you have never seen him before, in full colour! The film, which was inspired by Simon Tofields own cats, will take you on the journey though the colourful and fun world of Simons Cat, with brand new characters and settings.

Music: Sam Clunie, Shrooty
Featuring: Laura Nailor
Behind the Scenes Director: Chris Gavin

Executive Producer: Mike Bell
Producer: Emma Burch
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry

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Q. Why isnt Off to the Vet available in full on YouTube?
A. Off to the Vet film production and crowdfunding campaign was a huge undertaking for the Simons Cat Team. Our hope is to produce more long form, full colour content for our fans but without having to turn to them through crowdfunding again. The film was completed in 2015 and submitted it to a selection of international film festivals over the following months. During this time it was exclusively available to all funders that contributed via our private production blog. The feedback we have received from our funders has been overwhelming positive and we hope they are extremely proud of making the film a possibility. If you are a funder and have any questions regarding the campaign please contact us at

Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon's Cat is made using Adobe Flash / TV Paint animation software.

Q. Why does it take so long to make each Simon's Cat film?
A. Even though the films are made on computer software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon's Cat film.

Q. Where can I buy Simons Cat merchandise?
A. You can purchase Simon's Cat products from the official web shop:
Art Direction 'Off to the Vet' - Simon's Cat c