Georgia Is Under Fire For Media Takeover

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What You Need To Know:

✅ The Georgian Supreme Court has ruled to return the popular independent TV channel, Rustavi 2, to its former co-owner.
✅ This ruling has sparked protests in Tblisi.
✅ This dispute has also “raised concerns of the right of freedom of expression in Georgia, and could indeed jeopardise media pluralism in the country”.
✅ The European Court of Human Rights has placed ‘interim measures’ on the Supreme Court’s decision.

The ruling of the Supreme Court has raised concerns with Georgian civil society that the rulings were ‘politically motivated’. Levan Astiani, Regional Campaigner on Eurasia at Amnesty International, states that one of main factors behind this belief is the fact that ‘high officials from the Georgian government have, in the past, openly expressed support in favour of the former shareholder- the shareholder who actually brought the lawsuit’.

The European Court of Human Rights has recently ‘urged the Georgian government to actually not execute the judgement of the Supreme Court of Georgia until the European Court of Human Rights has the time to look into the case. The European Court does not often resort to this type of interim measures.’

Hromadske’s guest host Maxim Eristavi spoke to the Amnesty International Regional Campaigner on Eurasia Levan Asatiani via Skype on March, 5th.
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The Sunday Show 05/03/2017

The Sunday Show 05/03/2017

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