Which is More PowHERful? (Extended Version)

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Seven women out of hundreds, of all ages, ethnicities, body shapes & sizes were asked to choose photos of women who they considered as powerful. Each woman was shown 20 images and of the 20, 1 image was of one of the 7 women in the group. These images showcased women in just about every role: teacher, fitness instructor, firefighter, mother, wife, politician, college student, scientist, sky diver and more.

There was one key twist: Each participant was unaware that her own photo was included among the 20 images presented to the other participants, so there was a 1 in 20 chance that an image of one of the 7 women would be selected by her peers. Unsurprisingly, we see that all 7 photos of the women in the group ended up being selected - proving that each woman is powerful in her own unique way. The most compelling messages, however, are found throughout the film, when the seven women share their emotional stories of courage, hope, and wisdom. The film has truly moved viewers to an emotional and positive response by embracing the strength, beauty, and power of women everywhere.

Watch the video to find out if their photo was considered #morepowHERful! Stay strong because you never know when you're impacting someone's life. Happy Women's International Day to all our beautiful ladies! #womensinternationalday #yourestrongerthanyouthink
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