Barrel Hunting in Remote Irish Countryside | Chasing the Shot: Ireland Ep 2

Альбом:Red Bull

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We took you to Ireland for the first part of our "Chasing the Shot" Irish adventure. But before we take off for the next destination, let's dive deep into the Emerald Isle's coastal countryside one last time, where around every empty, rocky bend there might await another perfect slab.

Here, in Chapter 2 of "Chasing the Shot: Ireland," guide and keen surfer Barry Mottersheadleads photographer Mark McInnis, filmer Ben Weilandand surfers Cody Thompson, Justin Quintal and Nate Zoller to a remote stretch of coast in hopes of scoring an empty slab. It was certainly a roll of the dice, but one, as you'll see in the edit above, that paid off in spades.


0:00 "Solid Light" by Solid Light (Sounds of Red Bull):

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