Sebastien feat. Zac Poor - Afterlight

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Say what you will about his music, Jimmy Buffet is surely one of the greatest business masterminds in the world. He’s been able to build an empire that would make Jay-Z jealous, based on his unique brand of folk music and his ability to brand the sh** out of anything and everything. Now, we see signs and t-shirts and shot glasses for Margaritaville everywhere, and that brand has become worth millions and millions around the world. Of course, The Bearded Man is more than a little annoyed by this. Why, you ask? It all started many years ago in Florida. The two were hanging out on a pier overlooking the ocean, talking about music, life, beards, and generally being lazy. They stayed up drinking until dawn, and The Bearded Man looked at his watch: “Looks like we’re wasted away again in Margaritaville, Jim.” Little did he know that his idea was about to be stolen. Our hero has had more ideas stolen after light than most people have in their whole lives.

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