Xavier de le Rue's DIY Tour: Two wolves conquer Canada | S2E6

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A snowboarder's dream image of Canada usually entails two key elements – riding powder and backcountry sledding on snowmobiles. Somehow, though, the De Le Rue DIY project called for another mix. Xavier and Beanie De Le Rue opted for dog sleds, frosty nights in a snow camp, skinning up ridges on approach skis and riding sketchy couloirs instead.

Mt. Begbie dominates the skyline in Revelstoke, British Columbia so De Le Rue was quick to choose the mountain for his next adventure.

In order to travel the 14km to a suitable campsite at the foot of the mountain via a deeply snowed-in mountain trail, he enlisted local musher Eric and his dog sled team to give a hand with the transport of gear. Dog sledding in Canada is a little more extreme than the tourist dog sled rides at home in Verbier, and thoughts of sipping hot chocolate whilst wrapped in furs soon disappeared as the team mushed there way to the top, stopping only for the humans to have a breather while the dogs yowled until they were allowed to run again.

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Xavier de le Rue's DIY Tour: Two wolves conquer Canada | S2E6 cмотреть онлайн
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