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Dennis Kruissen - Tiki Taki

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Dennis Kruissen - Tiki Taki

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This story, like so many others, starts innocently enough. What could be more harmless than taking a simple canoe trip - for fresh air and relaxation - down a river? So what if that river is the Amazon, a river’s just a river right? Day one was fairly easy. Smooth sailing. No worries. Then of course, day two came along. No one knows for sure what happened, but our best guess is that The Bearded Man was napping in the canoe, and a brightly colored frog must have snuck into his boat and cozied up real close to him, possibly just gently kissing him on his lips. The alternate theory is that the “Oolong Tea” he was given wasn’t actually Chinese tea after all… Of course with him in South America, it doesn’t seem very likely that a native gave him Chinese tea, now does it? One thing we do know: He awoke from his nap, and this song was BLASTING. Not in the world around him, mind you, but inside his head. Let’s just say that it was a wild 24 hours the likes of which we can’t possibly imagine.

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