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The Axis of Awesome: Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment by The Axis of Awesome. How can anything this funky be inappropriate? Yeoow...

Facebook: http://facebook.com/axisofawesome
Twitter: http://twitter.com/axisofawesome
Website: http://www.axisofawesome.net


Band: The Axis of Awesome (Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo, Benny Davis)

Office Manager: Fortune Feimster
Hot Girl: Martina Andrews
Background: Evan Flock, Brandie Posey, Courtney Bacharach, Stephanie Yeager, Teresa Ballard, Daniel Dominguez, Adam Blotner

Director: Jesse Shapiro
Executive Producers: Melody Hammer, Abbey Robertson, Gary Binkow
Director of Photography: Jamie Hall
Assistant Camera: J. Griffin Ricker
Producer: Lauren Schnipper
Co-producer: Byron Atienza
Editor: Jesse Shapiro
Associate producer: Alex guttman
Production Coordinator: Tasha Medigovich
Production Assistant: Josh Gardner
Art Department: Johanna Jenkins
Costumes: Helena Falangus
Make-up: Ashley Hooker
Choreographer: Jenny Pinzari



Baby I see your body
I push it close to mine
I reach on out and touch you baby
Girl you're looking fine
I touch your neck with my fingers and
Stroke those silky thighs
You just sit there baby,
And look at me with those eyes you say it's

Sexual Harassment
Yeah It's Sexual Harassment
You say I'm not allowed
To comment on your figure
Well if this will get me fired baby
You can pull the trigger

You might feel uncomfortable
When I stroke your hair
You say it's inappropriate
Well baby I don't care
Let me touch your shoulders
It can be relaxing
I brush myself against you while you're
Copying or faxing

Yeah it's Sexual Harassment
Yeah It's Sexual Harassment

Don't be offended 'cause it's not what I intended
I'm staring at your chest 'cause I care about your breasts
You're deserving of my perving though you say that it's unnerving
Girl my gaze is never swerving 'cause my pleasure you are serving
I'm hoping that my groping won't be cause for complaint
Or that you take me back to court and file for restraint
When you slapped me in that meeting it caused me embarrassment
I say that it's love you say it's Sexual Harassment

Yeah it's Sexual Harassment
Yeah It's Sexual Harassment
How can you be surprised when you dress that way

Whoa you can't touch me like that that's not appropriate in the workplace baby no
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