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Orbital :: Style :: Official Video

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Orbital - Style - Official Video.

Released : March 8th 1999
More info - DISCOGRAPHY section of www.loopz.co.uk

The first track to be released off the 5th Album. This track incorporates sounds/samples from the Stylophone made famous by that wonderful hairy beast - Rolf Harris. The track reached number thirteen in the Uk charts.

The 'classic' stylophone is a simple monophonic instrument that is played by bringing the electrical contact on the end of the stylus into contact with a pictorial representation of a standard 20 note (A - E) keyboard. The 'keyboard' is actually part of the main, single-sided, circuit board exposed by a hole in the plastic case. There was 3 different colour schemes - black, white and woodgrain. Their wasnt many controls...There are two switches to the left of the keyboard, organ on / off (vital!), and vibrato on / off (optional). The 'woodgrain' version also has the added advantage of a volume control. There is also a tuning control on the bottom and a line out on the left hand end. To complete the package there is an internal 2" diameter speaker. Internally there seems to have been many versions (some transistors, some with IC's) and as a result there is a lot of variation in how they sound.

There have been a few artists that have used the stylophone including David Bowie "Space Oddity", Pulp and the cheesey Two Little Boys track "Stylophonia".

Thanks to Badger.
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