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Rolvario & Moe Aly - Rockin (Original Mix) [Garuda]

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Available January 28th.
Dance music has been bringing people from all over the world together for decades, so it's no surprise when two producers from the very different countries of Egypt and the Netherlands share the same taste in sounds. 19-year old Dutchman Rolvario and 23-year-old Egyptian Moe Aly met the old-fashioned way (on Facebook) and began discussing their production techniques, sharing online new samples and melodies. Finding that Moe's latest melody worked perfectly with Rolvario's idea for a bassline, the two decided to put their heads together and create 'Rockin,' their collaboration out on Garuda Music on January 28.

As its name projects, 'Rockin' is designed to tear up dancefloors and knock your socks off. Fast-paced, electro house beats enter early on in the track, with techy riffs taking you to a rousing, hands-in-the air breakdown. The bass stays deep and dirty throughout the entirety of the track, never losing the energetic angst perfected by the duo. Two young talents to keep on your EDM radar, Rolvario and Moe Aly have started 2013 off on a high note and will continue to keep "Rockin' throughout the year.

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