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Staying on Pro-EU Path: Romania pledges support to help keep Moldova on pro-EU path

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Romania's president is pledging his support for Moldova. Klaus Iohannis says his country is trying to help bring its ex-Soviet neighbour closer to the European Union. He is offering some EUR 60 million in financial support to the country's poorest.

Klaus Iohannis, Romanian President:
"We don't know if this process of reforms in Moldova is going to take a month, two, three or six. So, we decided to offer Moldova humanitarian aid, a non-refundable grant, with the idea to help people there. In the end, Moldovan citizens in a difficult [material] situation need help."

Moldova is in the grip of political turmoil. Trust in the government is at an all-time low after USD 1 billion went missing from the banking system. The president says in spite of the difficulties the country will remain on a pro-EU path.

Nicolae Timoft, Moldovan President:
"Implementation of EU integration plans became suspect as a result of the government's mistakes. Indeed, the situation is not simple, but I think that people of Republic of Moldova will always choose pro-European forces for the parliament."

Moldova's recently-installed Prime Minister Pavel Filip says implementing obligations under the political association agreement with the EU is a priority.

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