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Life Rolls On with Quadriplegic Surfer Jesse Billauer

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Jesse Billauer is a California native and has been a surfer since he was just nine years old. His path to joining the professional tour took a turn for the unexpected on March 25, 1996. Billauer was out for a morning surf session with his friends, when the crest of a wave knocked him off of his board and forced him headfirst into the sandbar. The experience rendered Billauer a quadriplegic, but that's yet to keep him out of the water. A few years after the accident, Billauer founded a non-profit foundation called Life Rolls On, dedicated to improving quality of life for those affected by spinal cord injury. On December 2013, Jesse got engaged to his beautiful girlfriend Sam Pearson and in October 2014 they became Mr. and Mrs. Billauer. He still charges every swell and surfs as much as possible to this day.

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