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IAMX - Break The Chain

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'Break The Chain' off the upcoming album 'Alive In New Light', release February 02, 2018

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Music written, performed and produced by Chris Corner
‘Break The Chain' track released on the newest IAMX album ‘Alive In New Light’ February 2nd, 2018

I’m sinking with America
All smothered by my conscience and fear
I’m aching in the strangest places
Can’t feel myself with distance
I forget that there’s a world outside
Where I can be weightless in the sunlight
So many vices with me everywhere I go
And they’re serving me to the lions slowly
Baby I feel like I’m alone again
And I’m fading, I know that this is how it ends
Can you help me?
Can you promise that you will carry the pain?
Oh baby, ‘cause I feel I’ll never break the chain
And I repeat the foolish addict’s loop

The boiling over and the keeping it cool
Give me the stage, God knows my life needs staging
What the hell else should I do?

© & ℗ IAMX Productions Inc. 2018
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